Verband Deutscher Schulgeographen

The Association of German School Geographers e.V. (VDSG) is represented by an independent federal association in each of the 16 federal states of Germany. The federal associations cultivate their interests by informing their members regularly and broadly through a newsletter about their activities and work, organizings of further education, excursions, methods of teaching, and latest developments in the training of junior teachers and in science.

The association of German School Geographers e.V. (VDSG) is member of the German Society for Geography e.V. (DGfG) which is represented by the 25 000 members of the four geographical associations and the “Geographical Societies” of  Germany.

Members of the Association of German School Geographers e.V. (VDSG) are granted reduced admission fees for participating at events organized by the association or those arranged by other member associations of the DGfG.

The association of German School Geographers e.V. (VDSG) has sponsored a special prize for the federal competition “Jugend forscht” (Young people doing scientific research) for the work in the field of geography and area studies and takes part in the “BundesUmweltWettbewerb” (federal competition for the protection of the environment). The VDSG sponsors within the bounds of possibility the staging of geographical competitions for pupils.

The Association of German School Geographers e.V. (VDSG) is the eldest association for geography teachers in Germany. It was founded by Hermann Haack in Gotha in 1912. Only after 1935, when its dissolution was ordered by decree, was it re-founded in Jugenheim (Bergstraße) in 1949. Today 5000 members belong to the VDSG, especially geography teachers of all types of schools. Moreover, many individuals and institutions who take an active part in supporting the development of geography education and the promotion of geographical learning count as members. Since 1998 the VDSG has the official status of a non-profit-making institution.

The Association of German School Geographers e.V. (VDSG)

  • supports the interests of geography education and environmental learning officially,
  • is committed to geographical and ecological education in all types of schools and fields of education,
  • insists on consistent lessons of the subject geography in all types of schools and on all grades.
  • coordinates the development of the subject in all types of schools of each German federal state.
  • fosters individual further training of geography teachers and the didactical development of the subject

 in the 16 German federal states:

  • by regional organizings of further education and training, excursions and

“Landesschulgeographentage” (special thematic activity and information days for geography school teachers of a region)

on state level:

  • by conferences for further education, study groups, arranging contacts with specialists and experts, the “Deutscher Schulgeographentag” (special thematic activity and information days for all German school geographers),
  • by providing evaluations and recommendations of organizers of qualified and geographically experienced excursions all over the world;

in Europe:

  • by cooperation of the European associations for geography teachers.
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